Welcome to the rivington celebrant


You are planning a ceremony to celebrate a special event in your life.....

Is it your dream to hold your ceremony somewhere special, but find you are restricted to registered only venues?

Are you looking for a bespoke, meaningful, unique way to mark your special occasion?

You may have thought that you are only able to hold a wedding in a church, registry office or at a council licensed venue with a uniformed script...

Well there is another option... Use an independent Celebrant

There are many reason why you would choose a Celebrant. If you are of mixed cultures or faiths, want to create personalised vows, to be able to hold your celebration at any venue of your choosing,  have your own readings or quite simply want a completely personal ceremony with the flexibility to incorporate traditions and content of your choosing and therefore to celebrate in the most personal way...

This could be on a boat, in a field, a tipi, yurt, beach, in a woodland, mansion or pub... I LOVE unusual weddings!!!

It's all about choice..

I would love to help, give me call and lets start planning your memorable day